I have added a links page here for some interesting sites. The bead sites are ones that I have used myself and have found them to be very good. Also on the page are links to sites that have nothing whatsoever to do with beads or jewellery.




Another great site for beads.


Good selection of beads.


Beautiful beads and a great selection.  

  http://www.jewellerysites.co.uk/  For all things jewellery.           


                                      These are not bead sites.


Are there any other Peter Cetera beading enthusiasts out there?If you are a fan of Peter Cetera then this is a great site to come.Warm and friendly!

I have added these two sites here for any Peter Cetera fans.Believe me when I say listening to Peter Cetera when I am beading is a tremendous help and soothing to the ears.


Official Peter Cetera website.

http://peter-birch.blogspot.com/  A visual artist who has produced some very unique and individual pieces of work.A site well worh looking at!